Accounting and Advisory Office of
Ethan Kahn CPA, LLC


Ethan Kahn, CPA, of Ethan Kahn, LLC, has been successful in servicing nonprofits as well as other entities for their audit, accounting and consulting needs for over 15 years. Ethan also provides clear and sound advice to Executive Directors and Senior Management Teams in working through strategic planning as well as obstacles and challenges interfering with the entities esteemed visions. Ethan also works as an oversight mechanism of an organizations fiscal department to deal with operational issues and to incorporate processes geared towards a smooth-running fiscal department. Ethan is a recurring Chairman of the New York State Society’s Exempt Organization’s Committee that oversees representatives from leading accounting firms in the State, current and reformed accounting practices as well as related standards and regulations.   He is also a recurring Chairman of the annual conference for the State Society that hosts National figures such as the Director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations Unit, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the New York State Governors Office and leading attorneys and nonprofit accountants from around the country. 

Prior to becoming a Director at Ethan Kahn, LLC, he served as an audit Manager at MBAF ERE. He works with a comprehensive audit background and has effectively managed financial statement audits and tax filings for organizations ranging from income of $150,000 to $110,000,000—including those requiring audits pursuant to OMB Circular A-133—and pension audits. He services a wide variety of entities including missions surrounding education for disabled individuals and their related CFR reporting requirements for SED and OPWDD funding, homelessness, alcoholism, AIDS/HIV, museums, historical societies and general charitable organizations. 

He has written multiple industry updates and articles surrounding nonprofit accounting and has been retained to publicly lecture to nonprofit leaders and CPA’s throughout the Metro New York City area as well as to graduate classes of LIU. Ethan has been selected by various City and State Agencies to assist in their accounting trainings as well to resolve complex and difficult financial matters. His trainings have reached hundreds of entities and have consistently generated positive feedback. His consulting relationships have assisted nonprofits in facilitating mergers, Organizational growth, maintaining and increasing government funding, consolidating affiliates, budgeting, year-end audit preparation packages, fiscal manuals, joint ventures amongst other cost beneficial projects.


  •  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • Chairman - Exempt Organizations  Committee
  • Chairman - Annual Conference for Exempt Organizations throughout New York State
  • Chairman - NYS Legislation Response Group (NPCL, Education)
  • Nonprofit Organizations Committee
  • Inter Agency Council
  • NYS CFR  Workgroup (SED, OASAS, OPWDD, OMH)