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  1/27/15             Conference for the Mayor's Office of Contract Services: " Independent Audit Best Practices after the Nonprofit Revitalization Act"

12/17/14             WebCast together with WeiserMazar "Looking Back as We Move Forward: the Not-for-Profit Landscape in 2015"

12/09/14             NYSSCPA FAE Exempt Organization Annual Conference: NPRA Updates

10/30/14             NYSSCPA FAE: Communication to the Board  

10/22/14             Training at the Foundation Center: NPRA Updates

6/3 & 6/19/14     Joint Training with Chief of Charities Bureau Office of the Attorney Generals office JAMES SHEEHAN at the Mayor's office: Application                              of the Nonprofit Revitalization Act (NPRA)

May, 2014         CPA JOURNAL PUBLICATION: NY Non Profit Revitalization Act: By Ethan Kahn

4/9/2014             Special Event @ the Foundation Center ~ Understanding the Nonprofit Revitalization Act


 2/12/2014          Special Event @ the Foundation Center~ ​Understanding the Nonprofit Revitalization Act - CLOSED -                                                                             

12/4/2014           Conference Chair for the 2013 NYSSCPA Exempt Organization: Changes and Challenges for the Community                                                                  

5/24/2013           Ethan testified in front of the NY State Senate on the Non-for-Profit Revitalization Bill. This is the first overhaul to NYS non-profit                                          cooperate law in 40 years. Ethan's testimony can be viewed by forwarding to 2.04. ​                                                                                                                                              codification-new-york-state-s-not-profit-corporation-law-effort-reduce- 

June, 2013         Published in

​​12/12/2012           Conference Chair for the 2012 NYSSCPA Exempt Organization Conference 

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11/20/2011           Conference Chair for the 2011 NYSSCPA  Exempt Organization Conference                                 

 6/11/2013            Ethan spoke for the Mayor's office: Capacity Building Training for Council Funded Community Partners - 

                             "Every Dollar Counts: Small Organizations Managing Big Expectations" 

4/13/2011             Best Practice for Auditing Procedures for Nonprofits given for the Foundation Center 

4/25/2011             So You're Being Audited! Preparation Tips From the Mayor's Office of Contract Services 


7/27/2011             Nonprofit Collaboration: Focus on Mergers given for the Foundation Center

9/21/2010             Ethan Spoke for the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services Capacity Building and Oversight Procurement Training Institute Courses 

                            “What are your Financial Statements Communicating: Tips and Tools for Effective Financial Management                                                                       

7/8/2010               Ethan Spoke for the Brooklyn Economic Development Corp.

                            "What do Your Financial Statements Communicate about Your Organization? Best Practices for Effective Financial Management"