Accounting and Advisory Office of
Ethan Kahn CPA, LLC

We offer a wide range of Consulting, auditing, accounting, tax and related services designed to meet the specific needs of nonprofit sector. Understanding the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face has enabled us to enhance and grow our clients.

In the current business environment we experience daily the heightened public scrutiny and high level of expectations. We work with our clients to meet these demands. Some of the services we provide include training the staff on preparing properly for an audit, compliance with relevant requirements imposed by funders and governmental entities. We bring extensive knowledge in industry standards on the Organizational side as well as on the accounting and auditing side. Our dedication to nonprofits extends beyond the numbers and into the passion and mission of the Organization.

Working with management and board members, we seek your Organizational success as well as the success of each individual involved in running it. 

  • Facilitation senior management meetings
  • Program contract and financial compliance reviews and reporting
  • Strategic planning including the design, implementation and monitoring process
  • Governance oversight and training
  • Internal controls analysis and design
  • Board training and involvement
  • Compliance reviews of fundraising reporting and allocation procedures
  • Audit preparation
  • Outsourced financial services and Executive Director
  • Budgeting and General Ledger design effectiveness
  • Designing and implementing budget cuts to maintain a sound fiscal operation
  • Development of staff and the Organization
  • Finance department vs. development/program department coordination
  • Developing and administering Board of Directors meetings
  • Government grants tracking and administration
  • Assisting in working through government audits
  • Efficiencies within the finance department

Consulting, Accounting and Auditing for nonprofits 


  • Audit and accounting
  • OMB A-133 audit
  • Tax and informational returns
  • Nonprofit consulting
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Internal control structure
  • Federal, state and city grants administration
  • Rate reimbursement assessment
  • Live training (one on one and public forums
  • Webinar training to nonprofits and audit firms.

"We have a Dedicated Non-for-Profit Practice Suited to Work with Your Organizational Needs and Focused on Your Organizational Success"